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How to Choose a Paddle

To view or download a detailed price list of all our paddles click here.

How to Choose a Paddle


Our new high performance carbon fiber wing blade designed for racers and advanced kayak paddlers.
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An economy priced nylon/carbon wing blade designed with racers in mind.
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The Kicker is an ideal paddle for families, clubs and kayak touring initiates. One paddle fits almost everyone!
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Great for racing in Dragon boats.
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Great for racing Senior C-1, C-2, C-4 or War Canoes.
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Ideal for beginners and children. Great for racing in Bantam and War canoes.
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Convert your kayak paddle into a canoe paddle with this convenient T-Kit.
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EZ Set
Curious about a different feather angle? Like a longer paddle for your new sit-on-top kayak? Simple to adjust in length and feather, SRS paddles using our patented E-Z Set 2, 3 and 5-piece shafts can adjust up to a length of 50 cm.
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To view or download a detailed price list of all our paddles click here.

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