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Traditional North Canoe.

These North Canoes come in two lengths, 25 ft. (standard 6 benches) or 32 ft.(standard 10 benches). The 25' can accommodate 12-14 paddlers, sitting two by two, plus 1 to steer. One extra bench can be added in the 25' if used for children activities. ($40 Cdn for the extra bench). The 32' sits 20 paddlers, plus one in the steering position.

With an experienced guide, beginner and intermediate paddlers can be taken on camping and fishing trips, nature tours, ect. Paddling schools, camps, dealers and tour guides have used the RABASKA as revenue earning boats successfully, providing exciting trips for students or tourists of all ages and from all over the world.

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MATERIAL Fiberglass
LENGTH 25 ft
32 ft
WIDTH 52 in/132 cm
57 in/144.7 cm
DEPTH 20 in/50.8 cm
23 in/58.4 cm
CAPACITY 25': 1,950 pds;
32': 3,150 pds
WEIGHT 265 lbs/120.5 kg
325 lbs/147.7 kg

** Stability is expressed in range 1 - 10
1=tippy (ICF Racing 2001) 10=24 inch wide touring boat.

Standard color is white, but our standard colors are also available:
red, orange, yellow, forest green,
marine blue, royal blue, black. Birch with red markings is extra.

To view or download a detailed price list of all our canoes click here.

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