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SRS Laser 4-All


Laser 4-All developed by SRS. Meets ICF Paddle Ability specs. Same fast hull as the Laser, but stronger weld between deck and hull and enlarged cockpits for easy entry and exit.

Top Side View

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HULL DESIGN Soft chine (shallow U shape), low rocker
MATERIAL Fiberglass/Carbon
LENGTH 17 ft/520 cm
WIDTH 20.1 in /51 cm
DEPTH 11.4 in/29 cm
SEAT Fibreglass seat with position and height adjustments**
FOOTREST AND STEERING Full foot footrest, adjustable from the front in 1/5'' intervals**
RUDDER DESIGN MATERIAL Understern composite rudder
CAPACITY 99.8 kg/220 lbs
WEIGHT Fibreglass:30lbs 13.6KG
Fg/Carbon: 28lbs 12.7KG
Carbon:27lbs 12.2KG

** Stability is expressed in range 1 - 10 1=tippy (ICF Racing 2001) 10=24 inch wide touring boat.

* All composite boats are available in the following colors:
white, red, orange, yellow, forest green, marine blue, royal blue, black, with or without a black fade option.

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