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EZ Set


Adjustable shaft 2, 3 and 5 piece paddles

Curious about a different feather angle? Like a longer paddle for your new sit-on-top kayak? Simple to adjust in length and feather, SRS paddles using our patented E-Z Set 2, 3 and 5-piece shafts can adjust up to a length of 50 cm. No tools required, only your hands are needed to twist and tighten or loosen the E-Z Set friction adjustment system on the shaft. There is no play in the shaft when the system is tightened, yet it is easy to loosen. The paddle can be set to any feather and blade control (180°) by the same method, and once properly set, the paddle is in perfect balance.


EZ Set Extension


The benefits of being able to adjust the length and feather are tremendous: one paddle can fit almost anyone, which is handy for family or team use; and the same paddle can be shortened for downriver paddling or extended for flatwater, sea kayaking, and larger sit-on-top kayaks. Adjusting the feather to 60° to go with the wind or to 90° while going against is an additional benefit that any tired paddler will appreciate.

SRS adjustable paddles are easy to transport and store since they separate into 2, 3 or 5 pieces (the longest piece, of a 2-piece, measures on average 120 cm or 48 in). Our heaviest paddle weighs only 936 gm or 33 oz. These paddles can be taken onto a plane as hand luggage and also make ideal spares for long tours, expeditions and downriver descents.

SRS also has a great little T-kit of one shaft and two T grips which can turn any SRS E-Z Set kayak paddle into two canoe paddles.




To view or download a detailed price list of all our paddles click here.

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